Architectural lighting should be high-performing, but never boring–that’s why Graypants introduced Hewn, a linear fixture offering both the technical illumination that hard work needs, as well as an inspiring aesthetic everyone desires in the workplace. Hewn is handmade from post-consumer recycled cardboard in Graypants’ Seattle studio. Hewn represents the studio’s first entry into technical lighting, with a striking fixture that extends Graypants’ signature Scraplight series into a modern and minimalist high-performance piece. Hewn is available in three finishes–Natural, White and Blonde–and several lengths and heights.

Hewn performs very well in the office environment. Offering up to 1500 lumens per linear foot, Hewn uses high-efficiency Phillips LED modules with a CRI of 90 that come stocked in 3500K. The fixture is a direct/indirect luminaire type, utilizing extruded PMMA lenses for accurate optical control and high efficiency. The direct lighting is designed around a 90 degree optic to minimize glare, using an extra wide beam spread for uniform indirect lighting. Serving a wide range of brightness preferences, the standard 0-10 volt driver is dimmable to 1%.

01 Graypants scraplight Dash i1

Hewn48 in Natural, studio installation, Seattle, WA

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